Where others see waste, we see a wasted opportunity

B-PET is the first 3D Filament 100% made from recycled post consumer PET bottles

About B-PET

PET is a fantastic and versatile material, one of the most used types of plastic in the world. Its presence in the 3D printing industry is increasing for its ease of use and strength, but sadly it’s not currently made from recycled plastic.
Until now... B-Pet effectively recycles Pet waste into fully functional 3D printing materials. Through research and development we’ll improve the process of waste recycling to use it in 3D printing.


PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) is the stuff plastic bottles are made of.
It’s a stable and harmless plastic, which is used most for packaging purposes, because of its vapour barrier and strength properties. In its original state, it’s a colorless and crystal clear material.

New B-Pet Version

Our new filament is even better!
- No roundness deviation
- Better tolerance + - 0.03mm
- Less moisture
- Vacuum sealed spool and new box pack
- Translucent polycarbonate Spool with bigger inner core and flat central hole for better rolling
- New color: Blue Ocean


B-Pet is a fairly stiff and very lightweight material, which makes it very strong and impact-resistant. It’s a stable and harmless plastic, because of its vapour barrier and strength properties.


B-Pet is 100% recyclable. No burning petroleum is needed for its fabrication process, and it quits bottle waste from environment.


B-PET has the same properties as virgin PET but it costs 70% less. And it has other special features like flexible strength, easy adhesion, consistent diameter and no bubbles, among others.


B-Pet works with basically any desktop 3d printer that has a full metal hot end.
We recommend Prusa Printers!

Among others, it also works with:


Can B-Pet be recycled?
Yes, it can be recycled after use.

Does B-Pet have the same characteristics as PETG 110?
Yes, it does.

Is B-Pet really PET and not PETG?
Yes, it's PET.

Is B-Pet food safe?
Yes, B-Pet is food safe and we use high spectrum polymer pigments with food approval to give color to our filaments.

What hot end temperature is recommended for printing with B-Pet?
242 / 245ºC (467.6 / 473ºF).

What bed temperature is recommended for printing with B-Pet?
From no heat at all up to 60ºC.

Which companies provide 3D printing service for B-Pet?
There are no companies at the moment, as far as we know. If you are interested in providing printing services with B-Pet, let us know.